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We Often Get Asked Will A Sip Of Wine Hurt Our Dog?

Here's what we found out...

Q--My dog is crazy, so every now and again I offer a sip of wine to calm him down. It works. Is wine dangerous for dogs?

A--Wine or beer in moderation won't hurt a pooch, according to veterinary nutritionist Dr. Jim Sokolowski, professional services manager at Pedigree. Just be aware that dogs can get drunk, and remember it takes less alcohol because their body weight is much less than a person's. Sokolowski remembers when his father-in-law inadvertently left out his martini, which his Pekingnese promptly gulped down. Sokolowski returned home to find his wobbly dog walking into walls and singing off-key. Sokolowski points out that dogs typically have a special liking for the malt taste in beers.

Sokolowski cautions that stomach upset can follow too much liquor in dogs just as it can in people. The high calorie content of beer also is a valid concern. Your husband isn't the only one who can get a beer belly. What's more, while no long-term study has been done on the subject, it seems likely that hard alcohol can cause serious liver damage more quickly in dogs than in people, which can be fatal.

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