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Here you will find original and exclusive ridiculously funny and edgy tee-shirts, hoodies, sweats, our famous "Blinged" wine glasses, Floozie Coozies, Tipsy Sips, unique wine accessories, Drink A Cup Save A Pup Coffee line and of course some of Jazzy favorite doggie items located in Jazzy's Corner! 


I have a big love for wine, shopping and all things canine. They're angels in disguise. 


Jazzy, on the other hand, prefers food, long walks, playtime, did I say food and whining for more. Jazzy is a rescue from Chico Ca. This is why we donate with every purchase to our local animal rescue paw-tners. We couldn't imagine life without her.


Oh, should I mention our products are tested on interns, not animals! True statement.


Don't forget to check out Club T for exclusive limited member-only products and tees. 



Hi I'm "T" and this is Jazzy!


We are founders of the Winey Bitches team and wish to Thank You for visiting our website. We're all about the celebration of Wine, Women, Canines & Now Coffee!

WB Wine Celler
T with Jazzy our mascot
T & JAZZY T & Jazzy Jazzy Approving drawing

It was love at first sight! While working as a travel Nurse in Chico California I found myself looking for a travel companion (the four legged variety). I stopped into the local animal rescue...​and there she was! A very shy but friendly female Golden Labrador / Chow mix (Yes she has a purple tongue).

We've been together for many years now and have permanently located to fabulous Las Vegas! Open 24/7 365 days a year! My kinda town.

I'm a bit of a wine enthusiast having lived in Napa Valley, Ca. (ok I get very excited when I have wine).

However, the idea of WineyBitches.Co didn't occur to my partner and I, until after our move to Vegas, and two and a half bottles of wine later (I shared it of course) the idea was born. WineyBitches.Co, A Celebration of Wine, Women and Canines. Giving back to animal rescue agencies through our products sales. (hence the 'Bitches" part of the company name). 

Many of the illustrations, shirts and quotes come from my real life experiences through my journey's with Jazzy (now with Luna as Jazzy passed away in 2021). Yes Luna is a rescue too! We have a lot of fun in this lifestyle of travel, food & wine along with the creation of our Bling Wine Glasses, Apparel, Coffee line (Drink A Cup Save A Pup) and Wine line (Bitch on Wheels).

Jazzy, Luna and I sincerely Thank You for joining us on this amazing ride and making WineyBitches.Co as popular as it is! We look forward to meeting you along our travels!

Jazzy Approved- She thinks the wine

was really spilled. That's my girl.

"An Entertainer....  
     who happens to be 
             able to draw!"

" More Like Don Rickles
                        ... With Markers!

His world-renowned illustration work employs a realism that seems impossible to capture using only felt-tip markers-and yet his works are breathtakingly grounded and real.


John Gearan of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette wrote, "Nobody seems to be able to do what he does with those things."

"His ability to take a concept like Winey Bitches and come up with amazing pieces of art just by the headline alone blows my mind," Says "T" owner of 


Neal Portnoy was the Illustrator for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Having been published 86 times in just one year alone!


As a portrait artist, Neal's sports subjects have included, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, LeBron James, Pedro Martinez, Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, and numerous others.  

As a caricature artist, Neal's works of individuals at corporate events, trade shows, golf outings, weddings, anniversaries, and museums around the world  are just  the final result of an amazing process that leaves the subject not only with a tangible caricature, but with a humorous memory of being engaged by an enjoyable  entertainer.

Active in philanthropic causes, Neal's work was commissioned by the Children's Miracle Network to create a multi-action portrait of longtime Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski; sales of this print will help fund a new wing for the Duke Children's Hospital. Neal's illustration of professional football player Doug Flutie, "Flutie Through the Years," was created for a print series to raise money for the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for  Autism. He's also very active with The Jimmy Fund, the fundraising wing of the  Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute.

His entertainment art features celebrities including Steven Tyler, Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Garcia, Chris Daughtry, Kanye West and -a sweeping array of other entertainers, celebrities, public figures and much much more.


If in or travel to Las Vegas, NV you must stop by his gallery. You will be blown away!!!! It's FREE and open to the public M-F . Give them a call first 702-689-2929. Tell 'em T sent you!

Neal Portnoy Ilustrator Orginal Drawing Do Not Copy All Rights Reserved 2018
Check Out All Neal's Artwork
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Winey Bitch Too!
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