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Floozie Coozies 
On The Go


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Our influence for our Floozie Coozies comes from the "Garter Belt" revolution of the 1920's and 30's. According to the Smithsonian "Wearing rolled stockings supported by the gater back in the day must have been akin to the liberating, punk rock feeling of wearing ripped fishnets today" It was sandwiched between a period when women wore corsets with garters used to hold up stockings and a time when women’s undergarments included less bulky, but still cumbersome garter belts, also with attached garters.


Today we very rarely see this sexy garment other than weddings and the occasional show on the Las Vegas strip. We believe it's time to revolutionize the beverage industry with this sexy accessory for your glass!


Floozie Coozies


Talk about first impressions! Whip out a Floozie Coozie from your bag and slide it on your glass and the conversations will flow (and so will the wine). Add a little style and elegance to your glass for a girls' night out, clubbing, sitting by the fire, BBQ, or just because. A great gift for the wino in your life (even if it's you). Select from a wide range of handmade styles and colors, crafted right here in the USA!




We have been handcrafting our Floozie Coozies locally since 2012. We take pride in our high-quality products which are not only fun, but you could almost say that now they are essential. Cheers and be safe, Winey Bitches fans!

Coozies For A Cause...


Thousands of dogs never make it out of shelters and they are counting on us.  If your house is already full and can't adopt, then please consider supporting Winey Bitches Company by purchasing our Floozie Coozies or other products. We help to fund rescues by providing them with much-needed food, medical supplies, and doggie toy wishes. Make no mistake it makes a life or death difference to our rescues.

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