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Floozie Coozies 
On The Go


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Step into the world of Winey Bitches Floozie Coozies, where we celebrate the audacious spirit of women who embrace their sensuality and refuse to conform. Our Floozie Coozie is not just an accessory; it's a statement, a symbol of empowerment, and a nod to the fearless women who came before us.


As you slip the Floozie Coozie onto your glass, you become a part of a legacy, a movement that challenges conventions and invites the world to appreciate the beauty of rebellion. With each sip, you reclaim the confidence and freedom that defined the garter belt revolution.

Whether you're sipping a velvety Merlot or indulging in a bubbly Champagne, our Floozie Coozie ensures that your drink will always be found and a conversation starter, allowing you to savor every flavor-filled moment. Its insulating fabric gently caresses your glass, keeping your hand comfortable and your beverage the perfect temperature.

Women putting on Garter

Embrace the thrill of the unexpected, the allure of the forbidden. Let the Floozie Coozie ignite your imagination and transport you to a bygone era of passion and liberation. Feel the whisper of velour against your fingertips, or the touch of lace against your skin, and immerse yourself in a world where sophistication meets seduction.

Whether you're hosting a glamorous soiree, enjoying a romantic evening for two, or simply indulging in a moment of self-care, let the Winey Bitches Floozie Coozie be your trusted companion. It's time to unleash your inner femme fatale and make a bold statement that leaves an indelible impression.

Join us in revolutionizing the beverage industry, one glass at a time. Elevate your drinking experience, embrace your uniqueness, and celebrate the spirit of the garter belt revolution with the Winey Bitches Floozie Coozie. Let's raise our glasses to liberation, confidence, and the irresistible allure of the past.



Floozie Coozies


Talk about first impressions! Whip out a Floozie Coozie from your bag and slide it on your glass and the conversations will flow (and so will the wine). Add a little style and elegance to your glass for a girls' night out, clubbing, sitting by the fire, BBQ, or just because. A great gift for the wino in your life (even if it's you). Use on glassware, water bottles, travel cups, mugs, even Solo cups! Select from a wide range of handmade styles and colors, crafted right here in the USA!



We have been handcrafting our Floozie Coozies locally since 2012. We take pride in our high-quality products which are not only fun, but you could almost say that now they are essential. Cheers and be safe, Winey Bitches fans!

Coozies For A Cause...


Thousands of dogs never make it out of shelters and they are counting on us.  If your house is already full and can't adopt, then please consider supporting Winey Bitches Company by purchasing our Floozie Coozies or other products. We help to fund rescues by providing them with much-needed food, medical supplies, and doggie toy wishes. Make no mistake it makes a life or death difference to our rescues.

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