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All in one place! Glitter and Rhinestone Wine, Cocktail, Whiskey & Shot Glass Collection! We've captured those thoughts you've had and turned them into memorable statements that are a perfect gift for friends and family. Because let's face it, sometimes wine or a shot of Whiskey helps to express yourself!

Indulge in the delightfully fun and sometimes naughty relatable sayings we've curated just for you. Need a playful declaration? How about "Original Cowboy Flight Club" Faster is my second favorite F word" or "Ride 'till I Die" or "Bucking Awesome." 

Our glasses are here to remind you to be bold, be fearless, and most importantly, drink up! With their glittery bling and rhinestone accents, these wine and cocktail glasses are as eye-catching as they are humorous. So go ahead, raise a glass and let the world know exactly what you're thinking, without saying a single word!

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We have been handcrafting our bling-ware locally since 2012. We take pride in our high-quality drinkware & wine accessories which are not only fun, but you could almost say that now they are essential. Cheers and be safe, Winey Bitches fans!



Thousands of dogs never make it out of shelters and they are counting on us.  If your house is already full and can't adopt, then please consider supporting Winey Bitches Co by purchasing our products. We help to fund rescues by providing them with much-needed food, medical supplies, and doggie toy wishes. Make no mistake it makes a life or death difference to our rescues.

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