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Class up your glass with a little sass of a Tipsy Sip! These magnetic wine glass charms are a fun way to display your attitude, celebrate the next holiday, make a bold statement, or show your team spirit. With over 150+ stylish designs to choose from (and growing), you're sure to find the right style for every occasion! 

Made with food quality magnets so the acidity in your beverage will not corrode the magnet or alter the taste of your drink. Great way to ID your glass from others with a little style and elegance. Easily removable to clean and reapply. Works on plastic, acrylic, glass, even clothing.

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It's all about the Bling! Wine glass markers of the past have nothing on our magnetic Tipsy Sip charm adornments!  They work on Stem and Stemless drinkware, Solo cups, plastic cups, and even clothing! You can attach as many or few as you wish to personalize to your heart's content. Position them anywhere. 100% removable and can re-attach quickly. Each Tipsy Sips uses two magnets, one on each side of the glass (inside & outside of the glass). Each magnet is rated as "food quality" so no need to worry about it breaking down due to acidity in your beverage of choice. They're fun and exciting not to mention a great conversation starter!




We have been handcrafting our Tipsy Sip charms locally since 2008. We take pride in our high-quality wine accessories which are not only fun, but you could almost say that now they are essential. Cheers and be safe, Winey Bitches fans!




Thousands of dogs never make it out of shelters and they are counting on us.  If your house is already full and can't adopt, then please consider supporting Winey Bitches Co by purchasing our products. We help to fund rescues by providing them with much-needed food, medical supplies, and doggie toy wishes. Make no mistake it makes a life or death difference to our rescues. With each Tipsy Sip purchased helps to fund approx 4-8 meals (depending on breed and size).

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