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National Tailgating Day Wine Pairings

I’m really excited to celebrate football tailgating with all our Winey friends, family and our furry mascot companion (Jazzy). It's amazing how these festivities and football brings us all together. Whether it's tailgating at the stadium or our backyard by the pool!

Typically where there is football, there is beer. Don’t get me wrong, this girl loves a good brewski. But this is WineyBitches Territory. Which means wine, lots of wine!

Yep, you read that right, wine pairings to go with your tailgate, pool-gate, or couch-gate, parties!

I’m sure you've experienced how fatty some football foods can be, then you add beer, you can feel very lethargic. So, wine is a nice change. Especially if you’re not a beer drinker and don’t want to feel totally left out.

Okay okay, so maybe football isn’t exactly something that is every girl’s cup o’ vino, but I mean come on. It’s such a fun atmosphere. Weather it be your living room with friends, or if you’re lucky enough, at the game itself.

Here's a fun infographic for you to keep it simple. Time for some football wine pairings, or rather, tailgate pairings!

Like to know more about wine, women and canines? Come party with us at our website and embrace your inner winey.

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