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                  Party Pouch 

Craft Drink Mixes

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Elevate your beverage offerings with a revolutionary and effortless solution! Introducing our latest innovation – the ORIGINAL REAL FRUIT SIPPERZ. This Freeze-Dried fruit mixer, is your key to instant sales, refreshment, and a world of flavor.

🍹 Unmatched Versatility: Whether it's a summer event, poolside activity, concert, or nightclub, our Sipperz deliver convenience and quality. Enjoy perfectly premixed craft drinks without the hassle or bar wait times.

Sipperz Pouches are designed for ultimate convenience: they’re unbreakable, refillable, spill-resistant, very difficult to be drugged. They come with a lanyard to keep them secure around your neck. Ideal for both adults and children (simply add water, club soda, or lemon-lime soda for a kid-friendly option). For adults, add your favorite libation from the bar for a delightful twist 🤭.

Transform your beverage service with our innovative, hands-free party drink pouches, and watch your guests indulge in a seamless, refreshing experience.

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In Addition

No Cups or Spillage in Pool         Up to a 5 year Shelf Life                       Recyclable


Reduced Waste/ Garbage                 Free Samples


 Party Pouch 


You've seen them at the CMA Fest, Cowboy Christmas/NFR, and Live Concert Events. Now you can also enjoy the same awesomeness on your property by the pool, in the rooms, night and day clubs, concerts, just about anywhere. Great for hands free dancing with no spill safety and convenience. 

❄️ Shake, Sip, Repeat: Our easy-to-mix freeze-dried technology ensures that you get a flawless drink every single time. Just add chilled wine, or your favorite shot of liquor (or two), and water. Give it a good shake, and voila – your drink is ready! For an extra chill, serve it over ice, or throw it in the freezer for a delightful slushy experience.

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🌟 The Ultimate Flavor Fusion: Immerse yourself in the world of extraordinary taste with our nine sensational flavors. From the classic Mojito to the tropical escape of Pina Colada, and the playful notes of Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange (Jingle Juice), there's a flavor for every mood and occasion. We've spared no expense in crafting the perfect blend of real freeze-dried fruit, pure cane sugar, and a dash of extra flavor to give you an unforgettable sip and perfect cocktail every time.

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🌟 Extreme mouth watering Healthy Real Freeze Dried Fruit craft drink mixes for kids! Bursting with flavor kids love. ​Now you can also enjoy the chilled awesomeness in a shatterproof pouch at the pool, sight seeing or live event. Just add chilled water or  lemon lime soda or ginger ale to your mix. Freeze for a cool slushy on a hot day.

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             Tubes & Pouch Refills


We take it to the next level with our easy to use stand alone craft drink mix tubes which are they're perfectly measured to refill your party pouch too. Great for retail in the hotel store, vending machine or at any bar! Even better for in room mini bars to promote additional sales of wine, liquor and bottled water. 9 flavors to choose. Each tube serves up to one 14oz drink. 🍸🍹

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Adult Party Pack


Expecting friends? Great for the ultimate tailgate or cabana party! Makes 1/2 gallon of liquid happiness with nine flavors available. Just mix with bottle service wine or your favorite liquor and chilled water. By the pool or a a private live event turn wine into a cocktails! Shake and pour from the container via the built in spout. 😎

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Wholesale/ Private Label

Private label available for Hotel properties, retail buyers, concert venues, pools, food and beverage managers. We can customize the front label to your brand, venue or event. Use our label with your logo (fast) or create your own label.There is a small one time setup and customization fee per flavor if you go this route. However, this fee can be waved with a minimum order of 5000 units and you can mix or match flavors to meet the minimum.  We offer your branding with great turn around times. Click here get a quote and to set up a free Wholesale account or contact us at for more info or to schedule a call.

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Custom Lanyards


Do you have a special live event, concert or wish to promote your brand, event sponsor or VIP experience?


We can customize the Lanyard to your brand with your logo, event name or slogan. Many colors and styles to meet your needs. Clients love this option since it provides them with a keepsake of their experience. We invite you to set up a free Wholesale account or contact us at info@WineyBitches.Co😎



Our mixes are from the finest ingrediencies and made in a facility here in Las Vegas, NV U.S.A. We love our community and give a portion of profits to our amazing Animal Rescue pawtners.


We have selected the very best handcrafted and most popular Flavors available for you to enjoy. We take pride in our high-quality process to give you the most amazing taste from every blend imaginable. 




We give back to animal rescues!


Many of the efforts in place to combat pet homelessness involve only spaying, neutering, fostering, & shelters. Our partners sought a different solution – a more preventative approach to ensure that pets are not surrendered in the first place.


We strive to provide assistance to pets of homeless and those in need by offering food & supply distribution, assisting with funding to spay & neuter pets, meeting the needs of special food diets, medications, & vaccinations, & working to provide temporary housing for pets. In addition to offering material support, we find that our efforts to help humans care for their companions offer a sense of dignity, comfort, & hope.

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